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Make your place famous!
Easily add your place details, opening times, and facilities, for users to view and find.
Showcase your place facilities.
Your place provides great facilities to customers such as maybe: WiFi, Open-air, etc. Why not showcase them for everyone to know about and visit your place!
Locate your place!
Add your location map coordinates on Qurba. Make it easy for everyone to find your place exactly and navigate easily to your place via Google Maps or Apple Maps.
Your place has a story, tell it.
Tell customer the story of your place, when and how did it open, what’s does your place mean to you and your customers, and what does it resemble. The mic is yours.
A picture tells a thousand words.
Easily upload all photos of your place for everyone to see. We also provide a service to photograph your place in high-quality photos. Photos get customers so excited to visit your place!

Other Services

We have professional photographers who will let people feel the vide of your place through HD images that you can use on Qurba application
Show gallery
We provide videograpghy service for your services. Let the people see your place in action.
Customer Support
Our operations team and Business developers will be in contact with you all the time to help you double your growth rate with Qurba.


Our mission at Qurba is to help places break the barriers with their customers, so we created two mobile app one for the place managers and the other for the users to make it easier to communicat
The place manager app is mainly a platform where you can add the details you want your people to know about you like what you do, what you serve, your photos, your products, your story, location, working hours, etc…
We made sure that the app is easy to use and to edit, also you can get full support from our team in case you faced any complications.

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