Staying married isn’t easy

Meet Zubair and Zubaida…

They seem to epitomize a successful Islamic marriage. They’re active in the community, come from good families and seem to get along quite well in public. You often hear people say “they’re so cute together”. But then you hear the bad news… they’re getting a divorce.

Why did their marriage collapse?

Over 1 in 3 Muslim marriages in the West end up in divorce. Why are so many marriages falling apart? Many people seem to “Disneyfy” or “Bollywoodize” the institution of marriage. From elaborate Walimas to juggling the in-laws… sustaining a successful Islamic marriage seems to be getting harder and harder these days.

Have you taken steps to protect your marriage?

You don’t need to look any further… learn the keys to protecting your marriage from the best marriage counselor of all-time: Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. At Qurba Academy’s next offering, Marriage: In Partnership Towards Allah, you will take lessons and stories from the Messenger’s life, and learn how he resolved conflicts with his wives and treated them with honour and respect.

Single and married Muslims can both benefit by taking this weekend course. After attending you will:

  • Realize love and mercy in an Islamic marriage by applying wisdom and understanding
  • Communicate effectively and resolve conflicts with your spouse
  • Live in a happier marriage by applying wisdoms and lessons from the marriages of the Prophet Peace be upon him
  • Have an easier time looking for a potential spouse for yourself or your friends by knowing the right traits to look for

A course taught by an amazing husband-and-wife team…

Shaykh Zahir Bacchus and Ustadha Saeima Din are two classically trained Qurba teachers. In addition to being scholars of Islam, this husband-and-wife team knows all the challenges and obstacles that Muslim couples face every single day.

In a unique format for this course only, Shaykh Zahir will be teaching the men while Ustadha Saiema will teach the women separately. This is to ensure you’re comfortable in addressing any issues that you’re facing in an open environment (without your spouse beside you!).

Every Muslim needs this course

Completing half your deen is no easy task.

Take the proper precautions. Whether you’re single, engaged, married or divorced… this is a must-attend course for all Muslims.

All courses of the Essentials Program have extremely limited seating to enhance the intimate learning environment. Register before we’re sold out!

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