What are the sins & sunnah of life?

Shaking hands with the opposite gender… Non-Zabiha meat… “Modest” Clothing…

Abdullah is extremely confused. At his job many of his clients are women and he doesn’t want to offend them by refusing to shake their hands. When he does have male clients, the meetings are held in bars.

At home his wife has learned from her friends that eating Big Macs at McDonalds is Islamically acceptable. His in-laws are non-Muslim and invite him over for a Christmas party.

What’s the right thing to do? What’s Abdullah’s responsibility in each of these situations?

Halal? Haram? Makruh? What the?

Muslims are inundated with so many challenges brought by contemporary life. How do we deal with the opposite gender? What’s “Halal” to wear? To eat? How do we interact with our families and friends? How do we navigate through so many conflicting opinions on what is Halal or Haram?

Put an end to confusion

Qurba Academy’s weekend course, Living the Law prepares you on how to deal with all sorts of challenges in life by looking at the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and applying his teachings to our modern lives.

Everyone can benefit by taking this weekend course. After attending you will:

  • Learn to emulate the Prophetic character in day-to-day matters like gender interaction, food and clothing
  • Realize your social responsibility to your friends, family and non-Muslims
  • Appreciate Islam’s intricate law system and ‘live the law’ comfortably in this society
  • Understand the Sins & Sunnah of Speech, the Limbs and the Hearts

All in an intimate learning environment

Like other courses in the Essentials Program, Living the Law has extremely limited seating to allow you ask the questions that are on your mind. Register today before we’re sold out!

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