The Essentials Program

Studying Islam can be complicated. There’s no shortage of topics to study, books to read, & classes to attend. With all these choices, it’s hard to determine what you really need to learn.

The Essentials Program gives you what you need to apply the teachings of Islam in your life. It presents a foundational understanding of Islam in a way that is relevant, practical, & inspiring. It takes the guesswork out of studying Islam and allows you to focus on living your faith.

Why you should take The Essentials Program

  • Build confidence in your understanding of foundational Islamic concepts
  • Understand your context and priorities as a Muslim in North America
  • Live your faith by actualizing Islamic teachings in your day to day life

What’s unique about The Essentials Program

Comprehensive Curriculum

13 courses that provide a foundational understanding in Principles, Belief, Law, History, and Spirituality with a focus on context and practicality.

Qualified Teachers

Dynamic teachers with rigorous training in the Islamic sciences and a unique understanding of our context in North America.

Intimate Learning Environment

Small class sizes that create the perfect environment for engaging discussions, learning activities, and interaction between the students and teacher.

Online Resources

An online component that extends the course experience beyond the classroom through discussion forums, Q&A, and course journals.

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