Medicine Remains a Mystery (by Dr. Rehan Zaidi)

Despite the incredible progress we have made in every field of science, the reality is that we really don’t know that much. Medicine, similarly, is no exception. Yes, we have understood to a fairly intricate level of detail how various parts of the body function in isolation, we have been able to identify many physical and non-physical forces and we have isolated chemical constituents, but what do we know about the body as a whole? What is life, and how do living things heal? What are the limits and capabilities of the body? Can the mind override the autonomic nervous system? Does the body have some sort of unknown energy capable of reversing physical disease in the body? Can these forces do more than influence our own body, such as be projected to move far away objects, or burn them up without the help of fuel or flame, or more?

The truth is that it is hard to tell. The world of ancient healing, the martial arts, energy, all are fascinating and relatively unknown. Like many people, each of these has also been a personal interest of mine. To my good fortune, however, studying Naturopathic Medicine provided a foundation for understanding these traditions in a unique light. It allowed me understand these systems from within and unravel their health secrets; secrets that Western sciences is still wholly unaware of. I have been somewhat successful. Though understanding the complexities of health is the work of even more than a lifetime, I feel I’ve been able to construct a workable model in which many theories neatly fit together and many questions are answered.

Still, many questions remain unanswered; my understanding of health and medicine is a work in progress. The courses I’ve prepared are small opportunities for me to share what I have found to work from my education, experiences, and from my time with treating patients. True, much needs still to be proven. I’ve done my best, however, to present balanced and reasoned explanations to some of the amazing phenomena I have seen. Having met many purported healers from around the world, skepticism allowed me to recognize simple showmanship for what it was, but I couldn’t have accepted amazing demonstrations of healing if I also had not kept an open mind. I feel Medicine is at the brink of some extremely profound discoveries. I hope to share them with those interested.

(Dr. Rehan Zaidi)

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